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5 ways to prioritise your health during the festive season

In India, festivals play a significant role in people's lives. They are celebrated with much zeal and are filled with delicious delicacies that are difficult to resist. Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult with these calorie-laden festive treats. It's hard to say no to them because they are typically served during the festive season. People would appear unappealing if they refused to eat these guilt-inducing foods every time they were offered them. As a result, it is even more important to monitor our food intake and balance it with healthier foods.

Here are some easy ways to help you keep a check on your weight and maintain balance in your diet during the festive season:

1. Plan your meals in advance

The best way to stay healthy this holiday season is to plan your meals in advance. You should never arrive at a party on an empty stomach. Keep your appetite in check and avoid overeating by eating a small snack or meal before leaving for the event.

2. Be realistic in setting your expectations

Honestly, let's face it. It is not the best time to start a weight loss program when you are constantly offered sweets, namkeen, and fried food. The only goal that is now attainable is to maintain your current weight!

3. Don’t miss out; just be mindful

Don't miss out on your favourite delicacies! Eat smaller servings and keep portion sizes in mind. You'll discover that eating a few tiny portions of your favourite foods is much more satisfying than overindulging.

4. Fill the gaps in your diet

Consuming the right nutrition is just as important as avoiding certain foods to maintain the balance of your diet. One easy yet effective way of doing that is to consume Ace Nutrimony Mighty Multivitamins strips. Infused with 22 vitamins and minerals, these strips are a reliable source of daily balanced nutrition. You can get them here.

5. Stay active

Keeping active and continuing your workout is crucial over the festive season. Festivities are not an excuse to skip a workout. You can keep them short yet intense like a Tabata or a HIIT workout.
Although maintaining health and fitness over the festive season is a priority, don’t overthink it. Have fun, eat what you want, don't go overboard on calories, limit your sugar intake, eat enough protein, consume the necessary vitamins and minerals, hydrate well, and get in
workout mode! Leaving you to enjoy your holidays, we wish you a very happy festive season.