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Befriend these 5 nutrients for healthy hair, skin, and nails


We all strive to look our best and go to great lengths to create beauty that appears to be natural. In addition to damaging your hair, skin, and nails over time, cosmetics may also cause you to spend a lot of money that only provides you with superficial benefits.

How often do we consider the role that nutrition and food play in maintaining our beauty? In order to achieve our aesthetic goals, it is high time that we paid more attention to our everyday nutrition. 

 Here are 5 nutrients you must include in your diet for a natural glow-up:


It’s undeniable that protein can help you feel good on the inside, but can also help you look good on the outside. The collagen and amino acids present in protein maintain the firmness, and suppleness of the skin, Protein strengthens the hair from root to tips and boosts growth, while leaving nails stronger and shinier. Among the best sources of protein are nuts, beans, dairy, legumes, and mushrooms. 


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a B-complex vitamin that helps your body maintain health and beauty. According to research, biotin helps reverse the signs of thinning hair by increasing gloss, volume, and scalp coverage. Additionally, studies demonstrate that biotin enhances the moisture, smoothness, and look of skin. Eggs, fish, meat, seeds, nuts, and vegetables are high in Biotin content. 


Keranat™ is a natural ingredient with clinically proven efficacy. It works directly on the biological motor of hair: the dermal papilla, which allows hair to restore a healthy life cycle, decrease hair loss by around 50%, and strengthen and nourish the hair. Developed and produced in France, this patented hair elixir is 100% vegan and is a hero ingredient in Ace Nutrimony Balanced Beauty gummies. You can find these gummies here. They are also a great source of Biotin and key 12 Vitamins and Minerals that are essential for hair, skin, and nail health.


Free radicals are essentially environmental chemicals that reduce the flexibility of your skin by adhering to collagen. Antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E, which are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals shield your skin from free radical damage. Some antioxidants can also lighten your skin, soothe rashes, and even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are found in fruits and vegetables that are colourful, especially those with hues of purple, blue, red, orange, and yellow.


You've probably heard by this point how important "good" bacteria in your stomach are for your digestive system, but the same advantages also benefit your skin. The microbiome-balancing effects of the active cultures can really emerge in anti-inflammatory ways that result in a brighter complexion and more even skin tone. Make sure to include yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, pickles, kombucha, and kimchi in your diet. 

Contrary to what the cosmetics industry frequently lauds, healthy hair, skin, and nails don't require pricey lotions, absurd procedures, or even Botox. Although some high-quality, toxin-free topical cosmetics or therapies might be helpful, radiant, healthy beauty truly comes from within.