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Modern nutrition that’s easy to consume


A fast-paced lifestyle and changing priorities have adversely affected the eating habits and health of our generation. Today, people lack a balanced diet, which makes them more susceptible to illness and health issues. Furthermore, the world today has unfortunately become accustomed to a food consumption system that has a number of negative implications on health and fitness. Our lives have changed so drastically that we barely have time to stop and consider
whether or not what we are eating is a healthy diet. The globalisation of the food industry has greatly affected the eating habits of many people, causing them to consume pricey, high-calorie fast food. To understand modern health problems, we first need to understand modern nutrition.

So, what’s modern nutrition?

The modern way of living has led us to adapt to modern nutrition, one that majorly relies on supplement intake as the food lacks key nutrients. As a result of its accessibility, convenience, and ease of eating, fast food aka junk food has become the preferred food choice among most people. 'Junk food' refers to foods with very few nutrients. Such foods that are high in calories
but low in micronutrients like fibre, carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals, or amino acids are also referred to as 'empty calorie food’. These foods lack the nutrients your body requires to remain healthy.

Do you follow a mono diet?

In order to rectify the mistakes made by choosing fast food, many turn towards something called the ‘Mono Diet’; another big mistake. The mono diet, also known as a monotrophic diet, promotes consuming just one type of food. Its advocates believe that it can lead to quick and easy weight loss. The assertions, however, lack scientific backing, and there are other reasons to avoid a mono diet. Your body needs a variety of nutrient-rich foods for optimum wellness.

What makes mono diets so popular today?

Due to its focus on one meal or dietary group, this diet is very popular among people who want to lose weight. It eliminates the majority of the calories that our bodies receive from a regular or balanced diet. Because there are fewer nutrients for the body to metabolise and fewer digestive enzymes are needed for the process, followers of the diet assert that consuming just one food for an extended period of time enhances digestion. Because the body doesn't have to work as hard, bloating is believed to be reduced, nutrient absorption is increased, the body is satisfied with less calories, and cravings for junk food may even go away.


Mono diet: The flip side

If you have a single meal every day, such as an apple, you deprive your body of numerous essential nutrients. All three macronutrients - protein, carbohydrates, and fat - should be included in a balanced diet in equal amounts. A severe lack of variety might aggravate your desire for processed fat, sugar, and salt. You may end up experiencing increased hunger and junk food cravings as a result of these problems. And if you get tired of eating the same thing every day, chances are good that you'll start binge-eating the very foods you're trying to avoid.


The solution

Mono diets or not, the kind of diet you choose for yourself is up to you, what really matters is that it meets your nutritional needs every day. When food fails to fulfil your daily requirement, vitamin supplements come to the rescue. You must, however, consider things like accessibility, ease of consumption, affordability, and effectiveness when choosing supplements. Here’s a
solution that ticks all the boxes - Ace Nutrimony Mighty Multivitamins strips. Infused with 22 vitamins and minerals, these thin strips are gluten-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, and FDA-registered. What makes these strips stand out from other supplements is that they're sourced from the finest picks of nature and are backed by cutting-edge science. The rapid-dissolve technology of these supplements is quite unique and superior. What's even better is that you only need one strip a day to fill in all the gaps in your diet.


What’s the takeaway?

Take it easy - adopt a diet that makes things easier and promotes long-lasting wellness and whenever you choose supplements, make sure they fit perfectly with your lifestyle and diet.