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Strengthening Your Immune System

Boost your daily wellness with these easy-to-consume oral strips

Here’s something you need to know about oral strips – they have 80% more bioavailability (quick absorption) than all other health supplement formats. Oral strips have been proved to give the most efficient results as compared to capsules and tablets that require water to gulp down. Ace Nutrimony’s Mighty Multivitamin oral strips enable daily wellness and complete body nourishment, when consumed regularly (1 strip per day). So, if you’re looking for dissolvable supplement strips, these natural supplements are great to begin with. 

Oral Strip Benefits

Better Absorption

The Buccal Absorption provides superior absorption and assimilation into the body. Nutrients directly enter the bloodstream for quick action. 

Better Stability 

The polymer mix embedded with activities gives better stability. 

Better Portabilty 

It just fits in your wallet, no water required.

Better Bioavailability 

Increased efficacy 

Wholesome Superfoods

Ace Nutrimony’s multivitamin oral strips contain superfoods such as Ashwagandha and Moringa + 20 other nutrients in harmony to help boost overall health. Here’s how. 

Ashwagandha Extract

Aids in improved brain function, reduces stress, anxiety and blood sugar levels. It assists in cholesterol management thus improving heart health, helps boost testosterone and improves fertility in men. 

Moringa Extract

Helps protect and nourish skin and hair, aids in increasing bone strength, improves eye health and helps fight against bacterial diseases. 

What’s more? These strips are completely sugar-free, gluten-free and 100% vegan. 

How to consume the oral strips 

Peel open the pouch

Place the Thinsol™ strip on your tongue

Wait for it to dissolve 

Why choose oral strips?

Capsules, tablets and syrups provide the same health benefits as those of any other supplement format. The difference? Oral strips are: 

- Naturally delicious

- Easily portable - you can literally carry it in your wallet!

- Convenient to consume, no water required

- Packed with natural, wholesome ingredients

- Attractive to all age groups

Plus, they're a cool way to ace your health! 


Boost your daily wellness with these easy-to-consume oral strips