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What is Keranat and how it enhances your hair health

Keranat supplement is a 100% vegetal gluten-free ingredient that has been proved efficient in reducing hair fall and also increasing overall hair quality. Robertat, a leader in sustainable natural raw materials, found keranat and registered it under the trademark of Robertat Groupe-France. Since then, keranat has been a valuable and unique ingredient that helps hair become shiny and strong by acting on the biological motor of hair, called the dermal papilla. Keranat tablet are already quite popular within the USA and Europe, and now with Ace Nutrimony, this wonder ingredient is also arriving in India in the form of healthy and delicious gummies. 


In order to understand Keranat a lot better, let us further get to know its compounds too. Keranat is a complex of miliacin that is extracted from the millet seed as well as food grade natural polar lipids. Miliacin basically then further encapsulates a smaller structure called the micelle that allows keranat as an ingredient, to get absorbed into the body through the means of the scalp. When keranat enters the body through your scalp, it stimulates the cells in the hair and helps them multiply, leading to efficient hair growth. When the hair cells are getting nourished in this manner, it also allows them to become stronger and decrease hair loss. Keranat benefits for hair are that it increases the thickness of the collagen layer, which is the layer that stands for strengthening the hair root. 


In these harsh climatic situations and constant pollution, both men and women tend to face excessive hair loss. A few other reasons for decreasing hair quality can be aggressive and chemical-heavy haircare products, stress, unbalanced diet and hormone changes. Keranat is highly-researched and supports your hair in an eco-friendly manner. It has been proven to boost hair health by almost 85% and has also been thoroughly evaluated by dermatologists through means of clinical scoring. Keranat tablet is said to decrease 50% of hair loss in just 12 weeks of usage while also significantly enhancing hair health by increase in hair volume, density, silkiness and shine.


With Ace Nutrimony’s Balanced Beauty gummies, you can get your daily dose of keranat in the most deliciously exciting manner. It is our mission to bridge the gaps in nutrition with inventive and fun products. Choose better haircare and try Ace Nutrimony!