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Your Hair and Skincare Routine Is Worth It

Improve your hair, skin and nails with delicious gummies 

With increasing awareness and, in turn, demand for health supplements that improve overall mind and body wellness, brands are coming up with new-age, fun formats that not only make staying fit easy but also extremely seamless. One such brand is Ace Nutrimony, which offers yummy gummies for healthy hair, skin and nails. If you’ve been taking multivitamin tablets for hair, you need to switch to this easier format, stat! 

With the goodness of Keranat™, our patented ingredient sourced from France, Biotin and 12 other nutrients in harmony, Balanced Beauty gummies are bound to enhance your hair, skin and nails if consumed regularly (2 gummies per day). With a delicious strawberry flavour, these gummies are easily portable for on-the-go nutrition, super convenient to consume (no water required) and can be integrated into your daily regime. 

Biotin helps improve hair and skin texture, skin elasticity, and retain moisture. It also helps rebuild nail structure and strength. On the other hand, Keranat™ - a natural gluten-free superfood with clinically proven efficacy to help decrease hair loss, leaves your hair naturally healthy and strong. It also supports hair follicle growth. What’s more? It provides multivitamin for hair and skin, is completely sugar-free and 100% vegan. 

How it works 


Helps strengthen follicles, increases growth and volume, reduces breakage and fall, nourishes and repairs tissues.


Assists in glowing and moisturised skin. Also reduces rashes and blemishes. 


Supports nail strength and reduces breakage. 


Helps improve metabolism 

How to consume the gummies 

Pop. Chew. Gulp

Pop it into your mouth

Chew it really well 

Gulp it into your tummy 

What’s so great about gummies? 

Capsules, tablets and syrups provide the same health benefits as those of any other supplement format. The difference? Gummies are: 

- Naturally delicious

- Fun to chew

- Easy to swallow

- Convenient to consume 

- Packed with natural, wholesome ingredients

- Attractive to all age groups  

Plus, they're a cool way to ace your beauty!